Ferbon – About Us

Ferbon (Fertilisers and Carbon) is the parent name of a range of primarily “humic” based Soil Conditioner & Fertiliser Products produced by Interstate Energy Group Pty Ltd.

Interstate Energy Group, with over 30 years experience in the development of Brown Coal/Lignite based Soil Conditioners & Fertilisers, is committed to leading the way in the development of products for a more sustainable, productive, healthy and cost effective future in farming.

We can supply a single product to suit your requirements through to a complete program designed to reduce your production input costs through better moisture retention in the soil and reducing fertiliser input costs.

Our products are applied as sprays and by fertigation and by direct incorporation into soil and seed mixes but we can also blend our granular products with extra inputs to ensure a single pass spreading operation.

We manufacture and sell a complete range of soil conditioners, granular fertilisers and seed germinating energisers as well as a comprehensive range of humate based liquids and trace elements at a cost effective price.

We are leaders in the development of liquid silicate technology, which aids in strengthening cell structure in plants and higher Brix levels, leading to stronger healthier plants and produce with longer shelf life.

We are also able to supply most conventional fertiliser inputs at a competitive price.

Please use this site to learn more about the benefits of Ferbon and contact our Distributors (see Distributors page) for complete and independent advice and a range of products to suit most applications.