Blended Fertilizers

OF 54 Bio-humate Seed Germinating Energiser

Ferbon Seed Germinating Energiser

  • A specialty horticultural formulation for stimulating earlier seed germination and strengthening plant root and potato tuber development.
  • Provides for the ready availability of a balance of those necessary elements for earlier root or tuber growth.
  • A carefully selected blend of seaweed/fish biomass, calcium, paramagnetic materials, trace elements and concentrated humic extracts.
  • Milled to a fine consistency and suitable for either hand or seeder machine application hoppers mixed with the selected seed.

OF 54 Seed Germinating Energiser Brochure

OF 10 Concentrated Bio-humate Fertiliser

  • Helps improve soil texture.
  • Has excellent buffering action against acid and alkaline soil conditions.
  • Has high moisture retention.
  • High organic carbon and humate content.
  • Slow and fast nutrient release to plants.
  • Faster microbial action due to inclusion of Ferbon BCA (Biological Complex Additive).
  • A carefully selected blend of concentrated humic extracts, natural minerals, fish oil, paramagnetic materials, natural calcium sources and trace elements.
  • As a general purpose fertiliser it can be used in most circumstances in accordance with recommendations based on a soil test.