Foliar Sprays

T.E. ‘Plus’ Trace Elements

Organic Base Soluble Foliar & Fertigation Concentrates

Ferbon T.E. ‘Plus’ Series Sprays are formulated to provide for specific trace element absorption where and fruit set conditions indicate severe deficiencies often activated by poor nutrient translocation and soil imbalance. The biological and chelating additives also include micro-nutrients to ensure efficient photo-synthesis resulting in improved sugar levels and pigmentation.

All Ferbon T.E. ‘Plus’ Sprays are based on liquor consisting of organic chelating agents, and micro-nutrients. The COMBO grade combines the individual grades OF 100 – OF 400 with the additional micro-nutrients especially for pasture application.

  • OF 45 Calcium
  • OF 46 Zinc
  • OF 47 Copper
  • OF 48 Boron
  • OF 49 Cobalt
  • OF 50 Molybdenum
  • OF 100 Magnesium
  • OF 200 Zinc/Manganese
  • OF 300 Iron
  • OF 400 Phosphorus
  • OF 500 Combo Grade

OF 29 Silico Sulfonate

A soluble organic spray concentrate serving as a valuable tonic to promote more effective photosynthesis, especially among winter leafy vegetables and fruit bearing plants and vines in cooler areas. Increases in plant tissue size as well as raised sugar levels creates longer lasting, greener appearance and increased Brix readings have been reported.

OF 29 Silico Sulfonate is an Ultra Filtered blend of silicate, potassium, seaweed, an organic form of sulphur, humic concentrates and molasses. OF 29 is primarily a foliar spray, but may also be used as a ground spray.

In 1988 German reports on orchard use of an early more “primitive” form of diluted silicon type spray showed increases in apple total sugar levels of 28% approx. Absorption appeared to be by the CUTIN (the main part of the cuticle). Corresponding increased root uptake of soil nutrients was also noted, as well as earlier ripening (maturity).

Results now to hand here in southern Australia indicate that Ferbon Silico Sulfonate, a much improved form of silicon spray, is supplying a better all round balance of enhancement.

OF 29 Silico Sulfonate Brochure

OF 30 Potassium Silicate

A soluble Potassium Silicate concentrate (32% SiO2 ) suitable for all applications where a clear silicate solution is required. Particularly in fruiting crops where staining on the bottom of the fruit may occur late in the season if using OF 29 Silico Sulfonate. The benefits are similar to using OF 29 Silico Sulfonate as both enhance plant growth and resilience. See below

Silica in Plants

♦ Calcium and silica in plant cell walls help determine the ability of a plant to provide resilience to environmental and biological stressors.
♦ Calcium is important in nutrient transport in plant cells, but has low mobility.
♦ Soluble silica can increase the mobility of calcium in plant nutrient pathways.
♦ Silica provides cell-strengthening capacity and functions as an immune support.
♦ Enhances ability of chloroplasts to maximise solar energy efficiency in production of plant sugars and tissue.

Benefits in Crop Production

♦ Enhances efficiency of photosynthesis.
♦ Stimulates crop vigour and quality.
♦ Lessens biotic stress to improve plant structural strength and immune function.
♦ Decreases effects of excess or deficient nutrients, e.g. N, P, Fe, Mn.
♦ Alleviates abiotic plant stress e.g. frost, low sunlight, drought, chemical.
♦ Increases tolerance to salinity, sodicity and heavy metal toxicity.
♦ Rapidly incorporated into the cell walls
♦ Enhances the mobility of calcium in plant nutrient pathways.
♦ Improves Brix levels (dissolved nutrients) to enhance growth and crop quality.
♦ Can be applied to all crops including certified as organic.
♦ Low cost and easy application.