Soil Conditioners

Ferbon’s Bio-humate range of Soil Conditioners are based on special technologies for maximising the benefits of ancient composted plant life with its inherent high levels of concentrated humic acids. All Ferbon Bio-humate soil conditioners have a blend of biological additives, paramagnetic materials and a balance of various soil and plant nutrients. They are high in stable humus and humic acids, the “life force” of sustainable soil systems.

Ferbon Bio-humate Soil Conditioners are a feed source for soil microbes; organocarbon complexes give energy for microbes; microbes naturally lock up nitrogen in their bodies.

Ferbon Bio-humate Soil Conditioners;

  • have a very high CEC,
  • have high moisture retention
  • provide a very stable home for microbes
  • have effective life up to 3 years in the soil.

FF 50 Bio-humate Soil Conditioner:

A unique soil life enriching blended product especially formulated for commercial operators who are seeking to raise their soil’s fertility.

Much less labour and costs over time are experienced by using Ferbon’s FF50 Bio-humate Soil Conditioner rather than pure green manures, composted green or animal waste.

Uses of FF 50:

  • Soil conditioning and basic fertility raising by the supply of stable humus, fulvic and humic components.
  • Component of fertility boosting with either another hi-tech Bio-humate granular and or fish/seaweed ground spray. Also a home for nitrogen fixing and phosphate releasing microbes.
  • Base for a soil blend for use by nursery/building supplies/turf company.
  • Enriching regular compost with humic and fulvic acids. Most compost is extremely low in life-raising humic and fulvic acids, due to time limitations.

FF 50 Brochure

FF 20 Bio-humate Soil Regenerator:

FF 20 Bio-humate Soil Regenerator is a product specially formulated using FF 50 Bio-humate Soil Conditioner as the base material with the added benefit of added Fish Oil, Paramagnetic Rock Dust and Lime.

FF 60 Bio-humate Phos Boosted Soil Regenerator:

FF 60 is a special blend of 75% FF 20 and 25% Soft Rock Phosphate. With the Soft Rock Phosphate and FF 20 combined during the composting process the microbial action on the Soft Rock Phosphate makes the “P” more readily available.

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