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OF 64 Bio-humate ‘Poly Plus’

Ferbon OF 64 ‘Poly Plus’

The bio-enhancing properties of Bio-humate ‘Poly Plus’ are essential for today’s progressive Eco-farmers. By feeding the soil as well as the plant, the vast interdependent of microscopic beneficial soil micro-flora is enhanced, enabling natural processes to take place. This huge integrated workforce has the ability to feed and defend the living plant, maximising the yield and quality potential of the crop species. Soil vitamins, enzymes, proteins, antibiotics, metabolic processes etc. so naturally necessary for the vitality of the crop are all related to the soil micro-organisms.

  • Bio-humate ‘Poly Plus’ concentrates are complete highly soluble forms of a group 11 humic acids used in agriculture to improve soil structure, buffer against the effects of both salinity and adverse pH.
  • Bio-humate ‘Poly Plus’ increases water retention and generally improves soil fertility by encouraging beneficial soil micro-organisms and fungal activity.
  • Bio-humate ‘Poly Plus’ is beneficial particularly on soils over fertilised with phosphates, nitrates etc.